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Main Menu


Home made Soup of the Day   £4.50

served with a warm baguette                          

Duck Spring Rolls   £3.95

served with dipping sauce & salad garnish  

Prawn Cocktail  £5.95

served with brown bread & butter                                       

Onion Ring Stack  £4.50

A stack of onion rings and 3 dips. Ideal for sharing.               

Cheesey Chilli Nachos  £5.50

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms  (V)  £5.50 

served with choice of dip & salad garnish     

Deep Fried Brie  (V)   £5.75

served with cranberry sauce & salad garnish                          

Chicken Goujons   £5.95 

served with choice of dip & salad garnish                             

BBQ Chicken Wings   £5.95 

served with bbq dip & salad garnish 

Sharing Platter   £9.95

Garlic Mushrooms, BBQ Chicken Wings, Brie Wedges, Onion Rings, 3 dips and salad garnish.


The “Vic” Stacker – £9.75

(Beef burgers x 2, onion rings x 4, hash browns x 2, cheese, lettuce & tomato all in a bun)

The “Gorse” Stacker – £9.75

(Chicken burgers x 2, bacon x 2, hash browns x 2, cheese, lettuce & tomato all in a bun)

The “Moor” Stacker – £9.75

(Veggie burgers x 2, onion rings x 4, hash browns x 2, cheese, lettuce & tomato all in a bun)

All the above served with salad garnish and coleslaw


Chips  £3.00, Cheesey Chips  £3.50, Onion Rings  £3.00

Dirty Fries  £4.50 (Chips, bacon, mushrooms & cheese)

Garlic Bread  £3.00, Cheesey Garlic Bread  £3.50, Side Salad  £3.50

Coleslaw  £2.50, Mushrooms  £2.00


Hunters Chicken, Chips, Peas & salad garnish   £10.50

Chicken breast, wrapped in bacon with cheese & bbq sauce

Chicken Fajitas  2 x wraps  £9.95

Salsa, guacamole mayo, cheese served with curly fries and side salad

Steak & Ale Pie  £9.95

Served with chips or mash & fresh vegetables

Sausage & Mash in a rich onion gravy  £8.95

served with fresh vegetables

Lasagne, chips, salad & Garlic Bread  £9.95 

Spaghetti Bolognese served with Garlic Bread  £8.95     

BBQ Rack of Ribs, Chips, Peas and Salad  £11.95 

Curry of the Day  £8.95

All served with naan bread, poppadom & mango chutney                                        

Chilli Con Carne served with Rice and Garlic Bread  £8.95


Gammon Steak – with egg or pineapple  £11.95

Served with chips, peas, onion rings, tomato & salad garnish

8oz Rump Steak  £14.95

Served with chips, peas, mushrooms, tomato, onion rings & salad garnish  

Mixed Grill  £17.95

6oz Rump Steak, Gammon, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop, Sausage, Chips, Peas, mushrooms, onion rings & tomato   

Cajun Chicken   £10.95

Chicken breast seasoned with cajun spices and served with chips or new potatoes, peas & salad 

6oz Angus Beef Burger  £8.50

Served in a bun with lettuce, tomato, onions & relish, chips and salad

Southern fried Chicken Burger  £8.50

Served in a bun with lettuce, tomato & onions, chips and salad


Only for the very hungry


Beer Battered Cod, Chips, Mushy Peas & salad garnish   £10.95

Scampi, Chips, Peas & salad garnish  £9.95  

Home made Fish Pie, served with peas and carrots  £9.95

Salmon Fillet, oven baked with a garlic  £10.95

& herb butter, served with new potatoes, peas and salad garnish

Giant Fish Finger Baguette  £8.75

Served with chips, salad garnish and tartar sauce 


Fish Fingers and Chips

Scampi and Chips

Sausage and Chips

Chicken Goujons and Chips

Burger in a Bun with Chips

All the above can be served with mash instead of chips and come with peas or beans